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Fairytale character and princess entertainment for children's birthday parties and more in San Antonio!

Fairytale Friends of San Antonio's

Princess Party Characters!

The Princess and other Fairy Tale Characters we currently have are The Polynesian Island Princess, Latina Princess of Avalore, Princess Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, the Snow Queen and her sister the Ice Princess, Princess Sofia, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and the Arabian Princess, Tinker Bell, Fashion Doll, and Poppy the Troll. All of our characters wear upscale professionally made custom gowns for the most authentic princess experience!

If you have a custom character request, please let us know your party date to see if we will be able to accommodate you and we will give you an estimated price quote for building your character. Special request character fees start at $70. and vary upon supply cost, time, and difficulty. Please let us know if you have any questions. Contact us on our Contact page or give us a call! Thank you!

-Fairytale Friends of San Antonio

Princess Cinderella San Antonio


Rapunzel impersonator San Antonio


Frozen Queen Elsa and Anna in San Antonio

The Snow Queen

Princess Belle for parties in San Antonio


Ariel The Little Mermaid San Antonio princess character parties
The Little Mermaid
Queen Elsa and Princess Anna for parties in San Antonio TX

The Ice Princess 

Princess Sofia the First San Antonio


Princess Elena of Avalor San Antonio

Latina Princess of Avalore!

Disney princess Snow White parties

Snow White

Princess Poppy Trolls character movie San Antonio TX

Princess Poppy 


Disney Princess Aurora Slkeeping Beauty San Antonio

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Moana impersonator for parties San Antonio

Polynesian Princess

Christmas party entertainment San Antonio

Jingles the Elf

Princess party characters San Antonio

Swimming Little Mermaid with her Prince! 

(Available in one of our Specialty Packages during Summer only)

Disney Princess Jasmine San Antonio

Arabian Princess

Tinker Bell for parties in San Antonio

Tinker Bell

Barbie impersonator for parties San Antonio

Fashion Doll

Princess Elena of Avalor San Antonio parties
Moana character for parties in San Antonio
Disney princess Moana impersonator for parties in San Antonio
Beauty and the Beast characters San Antonio
Fairytale Princess Jasmine San Antonio
Princess Elena of Avalor San Antonio party character
Disney Princesses in San Antonio TX
Frozen Elsa Anna San Antonio party characters
Poppy Trolls characters in San Antonio TX
Moana for kids parties in San Antonio
Princess Ariel The Little Mermaid
Princess Cinderella San Antonio Texas
Disney Princess Rapunzel children's party character
Princess Sofia the First San Antonio
Barbie for children's birthday party entertainment
Princess Jasmine San Antonio

Children's Birthday Party Characters

We provide the following children's birthday party characters:

Polynesian Princess

Latina Princess


Snow Queen

Ice Princess



The Little Mermaid

Arabian Princess



Snow White

Sleeping Beauty

Looking for children's birthday party characters for boys?

We recommend:

Batman impersonator

"The Batman of San Antonio"

Tickle Monster, Turtles, Spiderman impersonator  and more:

"Party Pals S.A."

Fairytale Friends of San Antonio Princess Party characters currently include the following characters: Ariel the Little Mermaid, swimming mermaid Ariel with Eric, Queen Elsa, Frozen sister Princess Anna, Princess Cinderella, Rapunzel, Princess 
Belle, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Sofia the First, Tinkerbell, Tinker Bell fairy, Princess Elena of Avalor, and more children's party characters in San Antonio TX are currently in the works. Our Queen Elsa impersonator and The Little Mermaid are currently our most popular princess characters for children's party entertainment! Our princesses would love to come and surprise your child on their special day! Contact FairytaleFriendsSA@yahoo.com to book one of our princesses for parties in San Antonio .

Disclaimer: Fairytale Friends of San Antonio Princess Party Characters is not affiliated with Disney and any likeness is unintentional. We are local entertainers and our characters are influenced by their original stories and creators. If you are seeking a copyrighted character or official Disney princess character please contact the copyright holder.