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Booking Info. & Terms

​Service Area

We are located in San Antonio, Texas and serve party/event locations within the CITY of SAN ANTONIO and all locations inside Loop 1604. On occasion, we may be able to service Helotes and some southern areas of Boerne. We do not serve any other areas. We are a San Antonio based company, it is the client's duty to let us know if your party/event is not at a San Antonio address and to be aware that there will be a travel fee to these areas. Any non-San Antonio address on or outside Loop 1604 will incur a travel fee of $15. - $40. depending on mileage from performer's residence.


Your Party Details

For accuracy purposes your booking will be made online. You may fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page of our website to check availability or to find out any other information on our appearances. We will need to know your party date, full exact party address, preferred character arrival time, character and package choice to determine availability or to send you a deposit invoice if you choose to book. If you do choose to make a booking, we will also need the best phone number to contact you at on the day of the party when we arrive at the party/event location, and also the gate code, suite number, or apartment number, if any. We cannot make a booking without receiving ALL of this information. Once you let us know you would like to make a booking and we have agreed upon all of the party details, a deposit invoice will be emailed to you. Until that time, a time slot is open and available to anyone else who wants to book. Once the deposit has been paid, your booking is confirmed and the details cannot be changed as we book all appearances back to back and availability is based on character, appearance time, and time and distance to each location. The package option CANNOT be downgraded after making your booking for any reason, no exceptions. Please also let us know if your party is at a venue other than a home/residence and what the name of the venue is so our performers will know what to look for. Please note that if having your party/event at a public venue, all package activities may not be completed due to distractions. Please tell us beforehand if you have any special requests, such as letting our princesses deliver a special message to your child, so we can let our princesses know beforehand.


Make Sure All Information Provided To Us Is Correct!

We are NOT responsible for not being able to get to a party location if given the wrong street address or zip code or if we are not given an apartment number or gate code. You WILL STILL BE BILLED for the appearance if we are unable to make it there due to a mistake on your part. We are NOT responsible for making up for lost time if arriving at your party/event late due to an error in the address, or lack of gate code or apartment number, or not being able to reach you to obtain this information and the full amount due will still be due. If our characters have made it to a party/event location and found out they were given a wrong address, we will only agree to make it to the new address provided if we have time before the next appearance for that day and an additional $20. travel fee will be due and the character will only stay for the duration of time they are able to fit in before the next appearance. It is the client's responsibility to provide correct information before paying the deposit and to read the invoice in it's entirety, as well as confirm all of the invoice details are correct when we re-confirm with you again the week of the party/event!


The Booking Deposit

Your booking deposit secures your date and time for your princess or character appearance. Any time slot stays open to all other clients until the deposit has been paid. For our birthday party appearance package the deposit amount will vary depending on the package chosen. Please make sure you are ready to pay your deposit at the time of inquiry/booking as we cannot extend your deposit invoice for any reason if we get another client wanting to book for the same date/time. The deposit cannot be refunded for any reason unless the performer needs to unexpectedly cancel. Please remember this when booking. If you need to cancel or reschedule we will try to work with you for another date and time, but please remember our schedule can get very tight and we may not be able to accommodate another date and time for your location. Your deposit covers the party details listed on your deposit invoice only, if the date or time needs to be changed it may require another booking deposit or a rescheduling fee of $30. to be pre-paid before the appearance as we may have already turned down clients for your originally requested time slot. Deposits are paid through PayPal through an invoice we email to you. You do not need a PayPal account to be able to pay the deposit invoice. Please remember that by paying your deposit, you show that you have read and agree to all appearance details in your invoice as well as all information on this page as well as all other pages of our website. We are NOT responsible for a client not reading all provided information on our website and in our invoices and emails. We do not offer cancellations or refund deposits due to one's realization that they cannot provide what is needed for the appearance or that we do not provide what was assumed in the package details if the details do not state it. After the deposit has been paid, we will get back to you with a booking confirmation.

**It cannot be assumed that a booking has been made if a deposit has not been placed to hold it.**

Please reply to emails promptly if wanting to secure a particular time slot.


Child Guest Count

Babies and boys DO count unless they will be in a separate room from the character. 75% of the time boys and babies will be involved in either games, face painting, and photo opportunities and every child takes up time. Do make sure to include them in your child guest count as the package you choose may have a maximum limit. There will be an additional fee for certain packages if there are more children present than the package allows for and we may NOT be able to complete all package activities with all child guests if more than the maximum allowance choose to participate in any activity. The fewer children there are, the more we will be able to fit into the party and the more one on one time each child will have with the character. If you any questions about this, please ask! :)


Indoor Appearances During Summer months!

Due to hot weather in San Antonio and our thick and high quality costumes and wigs our princesses and characters do not do any outdoor party appearances from April 15th through October 14th. If you are having an outdoor party but wish to book one of our characters, the character and children must be indoors in an air conditioned area during the duration of the appearance. We have a high-energy routine which would be too much for children to enjoy while in the heat. We can do parties at home residences or other venues that will allow an outside character entertainer. A covered patio or park pavilion are NOT considered indoors. For Fall/Winter months: Outdoor character appearances under a covered and shaded area are allowed from October 16th through April 14th. Our characters cannot be placed in rain, mud, gravel, areas unsanitary or with stickers, or within 20 feet of smoke.


Booking Days/Times

We currently book for any day of the week starting at 9am with our last appearance ending no later than 9:00pm in the Summer months. Booking times are currently free of choice, appearances are booked back to back as our San Antonio princesses and characters only leave time in between parties for costume change and travel time to the next event. The first person to book on a certain day will be able to have first pick of time.


Performance and Routine

Your package includes all and only what is listed in the package details. Key requirements for the package will be listed at the bottom of the package details, please note that all information listed here on our Booking Info. page as well as all other pages of our website also pertain to all packages and appearances we do. Our princesses and character impersonators arrive already in costume and ready to entertain at your party and do not need any 'set-up' time beforehand. The character will call the phone number provided by the client upon arrival at your party/event. If there is no answer after two calls, the character will proceed to ring the doorbell at your home/residence or will enter the party venue to find where you are located. Some characters or princesses may bring an assistant that will help set up supplies, receive payment, take photos, and answer any business related questions. Please note that any photos we take may be used for advertisement/promotional purposes on our website or social media unless we are asked through email not to.


Final Payment

The remaining balance due will be paid to the character in CASH or through CashApp or Venmo directly to the character performer by the end of the appearance on the day of the party/event.  Please remember we do not accept checks for any reason by any client. Please have the payment given to the princess character or assistant right at the end of the appearance as we are on a schedule and each appearance is timed. We need to make sure we get to our other appearances on time as well. If you will be busy with the cake, etc. by the end of the character appearance please make sure to pay the balance at the time of the character's arrival. Please also note that our character performers do NOT carry change.


Child Supervision

Please remember during the appearance that your character performer is an entertainer only and children should be supervised by parents at ALL times. Please make sure children are in no way damaging the character's costume or supplies or run off with any materials. It is especially crucial that the children do not tamper with our music system. If any of the character performer's items become damaged or broken, the client, will be responsible for the cost in replacing these items or for replacing ANY items that are taken/not returned back to us by any of your party guests. Please also remember that our face painting supplies are not to be touched by anyone except the performer. We do our best to keep an eye on things but each child does need to have a supervisor at all times.


Rights and Safety

Please remember that we are in no way responsible for any property damages or injuries among the children/guests during our appearance. We are also not responsible for any allergic, or rare physical reactions to our face paint or ANY of our other supplies used in our appearance. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any appearance due to personal emergency, or serious or contagious illness or injury of the performer or the performer's family, or bad weather which may compromise our ability in getting to your party safely. This is the only situation in which a full refund of the booking deposit will be given. Please note we reserve the right to leave any appearance at any time that we find to be unsafe. This includes but is not limited to any appearance where vulgar verbal remarks or physical gestures are made towards or in reference to the performer/assistant or any appearances where verbal or physical violence or crime of any kind is being witnessed/heard by the character/assistant. Please note we reserve the right to refuse service or cancel any appearance at any time in any situation we feel may be unpleasant, detrimental to our reputation, that we feel is not family-oriented, or involves any other entertainers that we do not feel comfortable being in the company of or did not agree to work with!

If having any other entertainment at your party please let us know PRIOR to booking with us. Please note we reserve the right to cancel/depart any appearance at any time that we find is not in agreement to our Booking Info. and Terms, contract, deposit invoice, and/or Entertainment Agreement. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any appearance at any time that promotes causes/ideas/events that we do not personally agree with or wish our company to be associated with.


Princesses and Characters We Offer

We offer the most authentic princesses in San Antonio, TX while also being the most affordable! It is our passion to be able to provide character experiences for as many families as possible which is why we rarely increase our prices. Our performers wish to share the magic with all children of San Antonio. Our princesses and characters are inspired by various sources including the original creators, various interpretations, and they include unique traits Fairytale Friends of San Antonio has created. Please note that when you hire Fairytale Friends of San Antonio that we do not offer licensed characters or licensed fairytale princesses.


*By booking a character appearance with Fairytale Friends of San Antonio, you confirm that you agree to all booking info. and terms regarding our princesses, characters, impersonators, guidelines, and all services and forms of children's entertainment provided to you at your party or event.

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